Bransley Park is set on over 25 acres, situated in Kundabung about halfway between Sydney and Brisbane. A short twenty five minute drive from Port Macquarie or Wauchope and ten minutes to Kempsey.

Bransley Park is a family owned and operated business. We expect our guests to treat it with the same respect as you would treat your own property. Guests and Visitors must comply with the Terms and Conditions, and instructions from the Management and Staff during their stay and must notify staff of any issues as soon as practical.


These Terms and Conditions relate to the details stated in your invoice. Your booking dates cannot be confirmed until a minimum $500 deposit has been paid. Payment of deposit, signifies you agree to the Terms and Conditions stated here. Please read them carefully. This deposit is non-refundable. Bransley Park has the right to cancel a tentative booking when a deposit is not received within 7 days of booking being made.


Initial deposit— $500 to hold booking (non-refundable)
Second payment— 25% of the balance due 1 month after booking or 12 months prior to the function.
Third payment— 50% of the balance due 6 months prior to the function.
Final payment— Balance of the fees due 1 month before function date
Payment plans— Available once 50% of the fees have been payed.


All cancellations/change of dates are required in writing/email as soon as possible. You will forfeit your $500 non-refundable deposit in addition to the following. Cancellation/changes of date 6-12 months prior to the function 25% of the total invoice fee will be forfeited in lieu of the property being rebooked for the same date. Every effort will be made by us and if successful we will refund all payments less the $500 deposit fee. Cancellation/change of date within 6 months prior to the function 50% of the total invoice fee will be forfeited in lieu of the property being rebooked for the same date. Every effort will be made by us and if successful we will refund all payments less the $500 deposit fee.


Bransley Park reserve the right to cancel/postpone any bookings due to circumstances beyond our control. Bransley Park reserves the right to cancel any booking if we deem the guests to be in breach of any of our terms and conditions. Bransley Park will work with couples where possible to postpone bookings if required due to COVID-19.


Security bond of $1000 will be taken on or before the day of the function so if there are any breakages/damage to the property or items belonging to Bransley Park. We will advise you of the cost and take the amount from the bond and the remainder returned to you if any. Please note that you are responsible for all guests on the property during your booking period, any serious damages exceeding the $1000 security bond will be invoiced to you. This invoice will need to be paid within 7 days.


We recommend a selection of catering companies based in our local area. Although every effort will be made, we will not be liable for food allergies due to the amount of food prepared. Final guest numbers must be provided 4 weeks prior to function. Menu must be confirmed 6 week prior to function.


Bransley Park is a BYO venue. As part of the agreement, you are required to hire qualified RSA bar staff from us. We require 1 bar staff per 50 guests, with a minimum of a bar staff per event. We also have a plastic cups policy, all glasses must be handed in by 10pm, and changed over to plastic cups. This ensures minimal breakages and accidents. As a provider of services governed by the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) we are required to comply with all RSA laws without exception including but not limited to, not serve anyone who shows signs of impending intoxication, not serve anyone who arrives already intoxicated, not serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 18years. Bransley Park reserves the right to refuse alcohol and remove guests from the property with the offer of a taxi.


It is a legal requirement that staff meals are provided for all staff working 6 or more hours unless other arrangements have been arranged prior to the event, so please advise the caterers of vendor numbers. This includes: photographer, videographer, photobooth staff, bar staff, musicians, catering staff and any other staff who will be at the venue 6 or more hours.


You are responsible for all loss and damage to the property or animals belonging to Bransley Park . This includes, but not limited to any fixtures, furnishings or goods on the premises caused by or arising from any act or omission by you, your guests or any other persons attending your function.


Zero tolerance drug policy. We have a zero tolerance towards the use of illegal drugs. Anyone believed to be under the influence of an illegal substance will be required to leave the premises immediately. Any disturbance in this matter will result in the event and venue being shut down immediately. Any dangerous or malicious activity will result in the police being called.


All the buildings on the property are strictly a non-smoking environment. Butt buckets are supplied for the use of smokers outside. Please do not leave cigarette butts on the ground. An additional cleaning charge will be incurred if excess cigarette butts are found.


Please do not light any fires on the property grounds other than in the designated fire pit area (dependant on conditions and fire bans). Use of the fire pit is by approval only. Timber for the fire will be supplied (with 24 hours notice). Any unauthorised use of the fire pit will mean forfeiting your bond of $1000. Please ensure your guests are aware of this, as you are responsible for their behaviour/acts whilst on the property.


Your booked venue has a curfew of midnight on the weekends (Friday and Saturday) and 11pm on weekdays (Sunday to Thursday). Last drinks will be called at half hour before curfew. All music must be off by designated time and guests must leave the property by no later than 12. We recommend organising a bus to collect guests and deliver them to their accommodation/home.


Can be arranged on request. There are many local airbnb’s, retreats and resorts for you to choose from. We do not allow people to sleep in their cars on the property.


To allow sufficient time to setup your function you will be allowed access from 12 noon to 7pm one day prior to your function where possible. Please note that no other parties are allowed prior to your booked function unless otherwise pre arranged. Please be sure you bring any necessary equipment required for set up ie. String, cable ties etc for decorating purposes. Staff will set up table and chairs before your arrival.


After the function, pack down is allowed till 1am on the night or between 9am –11am by prior arrangement on the following day, all that should be left in the venue for you to collect the following day should be your decorations, presents, table centres, flowers, candles etc. All table and chairs will be packed away by staff. The venue should be left as it was found.


Hanging items from trees is allowed as long as there is no damage, please bring cable ties, string, fishing line etc. all must be removed thoroughly after your function. If you choose real flame candles they must be in a glass jar or similar, flameless candles are a better option. Sparklers are allowed by approval only, they must only be used outside, and have adequate disposal methods ie; buckets of water/sand.Confetti and rice are allowed but we would prefer eco friendly option ie; rose petals, coloured rice or something similar. Hay bales are welcomed to be used. Please discuss your wishes prior to use.


Children/babies are very welcome at our property but are the full responsibility of the parents/carers unless child care is arranged prior. Please be aware that as we are in the country, there are many unfenced dams and water hazards on the property, and there are snakes and spiders etc.


Bransley Park has a standard no pet policy unless prior approval is given. We are happy to discuss approval of your pet depending on age and temperament of the animal. We would also need proof of vaccination and worming due to the large volume of animals on the property. There are many boarding kennels available in the area so you and your family can enjoy the function without worry.


Bransley Park reserves the right to control the volume of any music on the property. Even though we are on a large property, noise travels easily. Guests and visitors must not create noise which is offensive to neighbouring properties, especially between midnight and 7am. Please show respect.


The dam may be used for photographs only at your own risk. It is not to be used for swimming under any circumstances. Please ensure that children are supervised at all times.


Cars must be parked in designated parking areas and not on the grass.


If there is a problem due to malfunctioning equipment, report it immediately whenever possible. We will do our best to fix or replace the item as soon as possible. You will be held responsible for any damage or malfunction to the house or property caused by you or your guests. The property will be inspected after each function and if any items are missing and/or damaged you will be notified in writing and then charged from your bond.


If there is an act of God ie; storm, power outage etc we will do what we can to ensure it doesn’t effect your function. Though we will not take any responsibility .. Please note a generator for back up power will be in place if there is a power outage.


You will be notified of any items found after the function, these will be held for 2 weeks awaiting collection and then disposed of. If items require postage this will be charged from the bond unless otherwise specified.


A staff member will attend on the day to co-ordinate with third party suppliers ie; photographers, musicians etc and ensure facilities are set up and working correctly and smoothly. We reserve the right to make aesthetic improvements to the venue/ceremony areas and property without notification.


Anything you have hired independently from external vendor ie; props etc must be packed up neatly and left for the company to collect. Please ensure collection is arranged for the next business day if not sooner. It is your responsibility to remove all decorations, broken glass, excess mess ie; glitter, cigarette butts etc and place all rubbish in bins provided.